Tuesday, May 03, 2016

A ‘New’ Date of Death for Luchenia Demoskoff

I recently re-examined the death registration of my husband’s paternal grandmother, Lucy Demosky. According to that document, she died on 1 May 1960. (You can read about that story here.) I also checked her obituary and it states that Lucy died on May 1st.

There’s a problem with this May date, however. My late father-in-law believed that his mother died on 28 April 1960 (that date appears on a typescript he made a few years ago) and I used it as my source in the blog posts where I mentioned Lucy’s death.

At this point, I wondered if I should redo those posts and replace Lucy’s ‘old’ date of death with her ‘new’ date of death. Instead, I decided to create this post to let my readers know that Lucy died on 1 May 1960 and not on 28 April 1960.

Here are the articles in which 1 May 1960 replaces 28 April 1960:

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