Monday, July 20, 2015

Maritime Monday: S/S Lake Superior and the July 1899 Doukhobors

Steamship Lake Superior

On 20 July 1899 – 116 years ago today – the Lake Superior arrived at Quebec City. The steamship had left Liverpool, England twelve days earlier and carried 670 passengers that included a small contingent of Doukhobors. [1]

Unlike the first groups of exiled Doukhobors who had immigrated to Canada in the previous months (including my husband’s ancestors), these 12 families from Elizavetpol and Kars provinces in Russia consisted of “Doukhobor military personnel detained in Russia until their terms of military service expired”. [2]

Their surnames were Goncharov, Golubov, Panferkov, Popov, Salykin, Slastukhin, Sukhorukov, Zhuravlev, and Zybin. [3]


Image credit: Photo of S/S Lake Superior (built 1884), digital image, Norway – Heritage ( : accessed 8 January 2014).

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