Friday, July 17, 2015

Marthe Quitel’s 1665 Abjuration

A few months ago, I wrote about my maternal ancestor Marthe Quitel (ca 1638-1722) in 52 Ancestors: #40 Marthe Quitel, a Calvinist fille du roi.

At that time, I mentioned how she came to Canada in the summer of 1665 to seek a husband. In preparation for marriage, Marthe renounced her Protestant faith and became Roman Catholic.

Today (17 July) is the 350th anniversary of that renunciation (abjuration in French).
Abjuration record of Marthe Quitel
Marthe Quitel’s abjuration record (Généalogie Québec)

The image above shows the abjuration record, copied from the 1665 original. [1] Here are my transcription and translation of that record.

Transcription of Marthe Quitel's abjuration record:

Translation of Marthe Quitel's abjuration record:

1. “Registres du Fonds Drouin”, digital images, Généalogie Québec ( : accessed 6 July 2015); “Registre des abjurations d’hérésie depuis 1662 jusqu’a 1757”, p. 9, entry no. 9, Marthe Quitel abjuration, 17 July 1665.

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